Melody & Lyrics © Peter Lucas Erixon

As performed by State of Mud on the album Running Bull (Kullsta Records, 2018)



There might be a place

It may come a time

Even another side

Where all we've lost

Secretly gathers

A treasure to be spread

What each of us have gained

An arrival like a sparkling rain


There's a greater heart

It contains it all

Unfulfilled hopes and dreams

The tenderhearted deeds

We're on a sliding wing

Where I've seen miracles

Compassion beyond it all


No vicious enemy

No eternal hate

Be the one

You want to meet


What's the name of our enemy

All I see

Is you


There's a sorrow

Only god can see

Staggering depths

All I saw and thought

What we felt and formed

Each single tear

From each single eye

Only God can reach


Humbly embrace

Ask no permission

Bow no servile bow

Don't bend submissively

Dwell quietly

Yes, strangers in eternity

We don't know a certain goal

Or a real 'enemy'


No vicious enemy

No eternal hate

Will ever last

We know no certain goal

Future awaits the one

Who can say

You are my family

There are no enemies

There are no certainties

Other than you



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